Top 5 AI Shopify Apps

These are some of the best Shopify apps that incorporate AI tech


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I'm going to cover the 5 best AI Shopify apps currently available on the Shopify app store.

These apps all serve different purposes including photo enhancement, AI chatbots, automated product recommendations, automated video advertising, and generative AI for SEO product descriptions.

I'll be sharing the link to each app's page on the Shopify app store, a brief description of what each app does, and some pricing information.

I. Overview

  • AI Background Remove&Generate ~ Top choice for photo enhancement

  • Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots ~ Top choice for Shopify chat app

  • LimeSpot Personalizer ~ Top choice for automated product recommendations

  • Minta Social Media Video Maker ~ Top choice for automated video ad creation

  • GoWise: AI Product Description ~ Top choice for generative AI SEO product descriptions

II. Top 5 AI Shopify Apps

AI Background Remove&Generate



  • Increase customer engagement and conversion rates

  • Remove background from product images

  • Generate a new, creative background to boost the marketability of the product image

  • Background seamlessly integrates with the main product image

  • No design skills needed


  • Free

    • Unlimited background removal

    • Unlimited background blur

  • $4.99/month

    • Unlimited AI background generation

    • Image enhancement

  • $19.99/month

    • Product positioning

    • Save favorited backgrounds

    • Recommendations

    • Create ads

    • Bulk actions

Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots



  • Improve customer service experience with AI live chat

  • Immediately answer most frequently asked questions

  • Boost sales and revenue

  • Recommend products directly in the chat

  • Implement a ticketing system to quickly resolve customer issues


  • Free

    • Live chat with up to 50 users

    • 3 chat operators

    • AI chatbot with up to 100 users/month

    • Visitors list

  • $25/month

    • 1 chat operator

    • Unlimited conversations

    • Live typing preview

    • Live visitor data

  • $29/month

    • AI chatbot with 2,000 users included

    • Chatbot templates

    • Visual chatbot editor

    • Email, 24/5 live chat support

  • $394/month

    • Unlimited live chat

    • Custom number of operators

    • Custom number of engagements with AI chatbot

    • Email, 24/5 Live Chat, 24/7 emergency phone

LimeSpot Personalizer



  • Increase conversion rate through cross-selling and personalized product recommendations

  • Professional onsite merchandising

  • Optimized product placement

  • Increase average order value

  • Increase customer engagement

  • Include product recommendations on any page

  • Create market segments


  • $18/month

    • Unlimited traffic and orders

    • Product recommendations

    • Upselling, cross-selling

    • Auto customization

  • $19/month

    • SMS personalization

    • A/B testing and analysis

    • Customer analytics

  • Custom pricing based on store revenue

    • Realtime audience segmentation

    • Image and HTML personalization

    • SMS and email recommendation

    • Dynamic curated collections

    • Dedicated manager

Minta Social Media Video Maker



  • Automated social media posting of videos

  • Video banner ads

  • AI product video maker

  • Post on Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram

  • Automate social media marketing


  • Free

    • 5 posts per month

    • Automated social media content catalog

  • $35/month

    • 70 posts per month

    • Minta planner

    • Pro templates

    • Pro music

  • $55/month

    • 180 posts per month
  • $499/month

    • Account manager

    • Ad integration

    • Account for up to 5 stores

GoWise: AI Product Description



  • Generative AI SEO product descriptions

  • Increase online visibility

  • Drive more traffic to your store

  • Write descriptions in bulk

  • Support for multiple languages

  • Change the tone of product descriptions


  • Free to install

    • Plans start from $0.06 per product description


With the help of these AI apps available on the Shopify app store, you can save yourself both time and money that you'd be spending if you did these tasks on your own.

Additionally, these apps can potentially prove effective in boosting your Shopify store's revenue and number of customers by assisting with marketing, sales, and customer service.

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